The Working_(SUB)_Titles action aims to find concrete, operational and industrial solutions to reduce the costs of producing subtitles (ST), and allow EU films to be distributed on VoD platforms across multiple countries (especially those listed as low capacity production countries). The action will also manage the distribution of the films on the most prominent VoD platforms in the EU. Finally, it will coordinate the marketing and promotional strategy for the films to reach the widest possible audience in the targeted countries.

Specific objectives

The specific objectives of the actions are to:

  1. Source and build a coherent film offer,
  2. Identify and manage resources for ST production in professional translator communities,
  3. Create an innovative workflow for evaluating / monitoring / ingesting STs and finally deliver quality digital packages to VoD platforms,
  4. Promote the film offer on VoD to targeted audience on both a local and a global approach, using a mix of VoD marketing and promotional tools.