The Sleeping Voice

la voz THE SLEEPING VOICE Original title : La Voz Dormida Director : Benito Zambrano

Cast : Inma Cuesta, María León, Marc Clotet, Daniel Holguín

Production year: 2011

Origin: Spain

Language: Spanish

Genre: Action & Adventure / Drama



Available in: Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom…

Madrid, post-Spanish Civil War. Sisters Hortensia and Pepita are involved with an underground guerrilla movement. Hortensia is captured and forced to deliver her baby in jail. Pepita tries to find a way to help the guerrilla and her sister.
  • A heartbreaking story that recount the post-Spanish Civil War.
  • Classical drama that can touch broad audiences
  • New movie of SOLAS’s and HABANA BLUES’s Benito Zambrano. He won two Goyas (Spanish awards) and three prize at the berlinale.
  • Leading actress Inma Cuesta will be starring in Pedro Almodovar’s next: JULIETA (May 18th 2016). She also played in BLANCANIEVES (2012).
  • Leading actress Maria Leon won Best Acting Awards at 2012 Goya awards and at the San Sebastian Film Festival 2012.
  • “A harrowing drama that transforms the sorry plight of female prisoners in post-Civil War Spain into a bleak examination of man’s inhumanity to women, « The Sleeping Voice » magnificently tells a tale that needs to be told and retold.” – VARIETY.