The gilded cage

cagedoree_uk2 The Gilded Cage Original title : La Cage Dorée Director : Ruben Alves

Cast : Rita Blanco, Joachim de Almeida

Production year: 2013

Origin: France

Language: French and Portuguese

Genre: Comedy



For 30 years, Maria and José Ribeiro have been living on the ground floor of a chic building in one of the most exclusive districts of Paris. Everybody loves this nice couple of Portuguese immigrants, Maria for being a topnotch caretaker, José, a construction site supervisor, for helping to do all kinds of jobs in the house. When they announce their wish to return to Portugal, everybody is crushed. No, they just can’t let them do a thing like that…!
  • Awarded at the Cesars, the European Film awards, the Golden Globes in Portugal
  • 1st at the Portugal box office
  • 88% on rotten tomatoes
  • A nice and fresh look on the phenomenon of the Portuguese community in France