Nice and Easy

libre et assoupi NICE AND EASY Original title : Libre et assoupi Director : Benjamin Guedj

Cast : Baptiste Lecaplain, Charlotte Le Bon, Félix Moati, Denis Podalydès…

Production year: 2013

Origin: France

Language: French

Genre: Drama / Romance / Independent



Available in: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom…

Sebastian has one ambition in life: to do nothing. His horizon is his couch. His life he does not want to live but contemplate. But today, if you do nothing – You are nothing. So driven by his two roommates, that chain internships and odd jobs, decided to Anna and not quite decided Bruno, Sebastien will have to – A little.
  • A french take on slackers comedies. Think of Richard Linklater’s SLACKER or Kevin Smith’s CLERKS with a Parisian touch!
  • For the lazy ones who don’t want to go to cinema, a comedy about laziness on VOD !
  • Canadian Actress Charlotte Le Bon is a rising star in the international market : she’s in Zemecki’s THE WALK, Christian Bale’s THE PROMISE, Idris Elba’s BASTILLE DAY and Jamie Dornan’s ANTHROPOID.
  • Felix Moati won the Best Acting award at the Alpe d’Huez International Comedy Film Festival.
  • “Reminiscent of early Cedric Klapish fare such as L’Auberge espagnole, this diverting if not entirely smooth dramatic comedy pits the youthful energy of the unemployed protagonist and his two hard-working if almost equally as penniless Parisian roommates against the increasing demands of a society that expects them to join the working classes at whatever cost.” THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER