Collections 2016

The editorial approach: from a film list to a VOD line-Up

  • The editorial approach consists on shaping a film list info a VOD line-Up”. We believe that the editorial profile is a key element to determine a global approach. It allows structuring the operational work and it is a foundation for the marketing and promotional strategy.
  • Challenges were how to package the movies in a consistent set up given criteria as: Origin, Availabilities of the rights, Genre, Commercial potential, targeted audience, Local taste etc… and finally get an editorial approach to be visible on the distribution networks and by the audience.
  • An editorial line up along two axes :
  • Premium films are movies that have intrinsic qualities (cast, production budget, genre, regency) that give them such a commercial potential that they can either be exploited stand alone and/or to be used as the driving force of a collection of titles.
  • Collections were built according to genres, nationalities or common thematic. A collection of movies gathers about 5-10 movies along a genre, a topic, an origin. The 2016 Collections are as follow:
  Premium films
  Docs from around the world
  Award Winning Dramas
  Unexpected love stories
  Men On the edge
  Comedies à la carte
  This is war