Jacky in the Kingdom of Women

jacky JACKY IN THE KINGDOM OF WOMEN Original title : Jacky au Royaume des Filles Director : Riad Sattouf

Cast : Vincent Lacoste, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Didier Bourdon, Michel Hazanavicius, Noémie Lvovsky

Production year: 2014

Origin: France

Language: French

Genre: Drama / Romance / Independent



Available in: Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

In the Kingdom of Bubunne, women are in power while men wear veils and do domestic tasks. Jacky, a lovely young man who dreams of marrying the ‘Colonelle’ has to struggle like a Cinderella to realize his dreams.
  • A satirical and burlesque fantasy that depicts a matriarchal society.
  • A successful Monthy Python tone.
  • International actress Charlotte Gainsbourg (NYPHOMANIAC) is the love interest.
  • Academy Award Winner director Michel Hazanavicius played an hilarious supporting character.
  • “Riad Sattouf’s follow-up to teen laffer “The French Kissers” is a gender-bending farce with more than a touch of Monty Python, set in an authoritarian nation where women are in control and men, dressed in burqa-like outfits, are the subservient sex.” VARIETY
  • “20-year-old Lacoste (who debuted in The French Kissers) is perfect in the lead role, playing everything straight no matter how silly the movie can get (and it does get silly)” THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.