Collections 2018

As for the previous editions, we decided to create an editorial line-up along two primary axes “The Premium Films” and “The Collections”. The editorial line is the cornerstone of the project’s global approach. One the one hand, it allows for the structuring of all operational workflows, and, on the other, it also serves as the basis for both marketing and promotional strategies.

The editorial line is built up along two axes:

  • Premium films are movies that have intrinsic qualities (cast, production budget, genre, regency) that give them such a commercial potential that they can either be exploited stand alone and/or to be used as the driving force of a collection of titles.
  • Collections were built according to genres, nationalities or common thematic. A collection of movies gathers about 4-­‐10 movies along a genre, a topic, an origin. The 2017 collections are: Docs from around the world, Unexpected Love Stories, Comedies à la carte, This is War, Award Winning dramas and Men on the edge.
  Premium 1
  Premium 2
  Premium 3
  Docs from around the world 1/2
  Docs from around the world 2/2
  European Hidden Gems 1/2
  European Hidden Gems 2/2
  Unexpected love stories
  Comedies à la carte
 Men on the edge