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Il Ragazzo Invisibile

Invisible boy IL RAGAZZO INVISIBILE Original title : The Invisible Boy Director : Gabriele SalvatoresCast : Ludovico Girardello, Valeria Golino, Fabrizio Bentivoglio

Production year: 2014

Origin: Italy, France

Language: Italian

Genre: Action & Adventure, Kids & Family, Sci-fi & Fantasy.


Available in: Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

Michele is thirteen year old, shy, unpopular at school, and in love with Stella. After wearing a costume for a Halloween party, he finds out that he’s invisible.
  • An unexpected take on the super hero genra.
  • A crowd pleasure for the family.
  • The presence of international star Valeria Golino.
  • Multi awarded Director Gabriele Salvatores is well known for MEDITERRANEO.
  • “A superhero film for kids set in the windswept city of Trieste, Italy, The Invisible Boy (Il ragazzo invisibile) is an attractively shot hybrid of U.S. genre elements and more European touches.” – THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

My Sweet Pepper Land

My sweet pepper land MY SWEET PEPPER LAND Original title : My sweet pepper land Director : Hiner Saleem

Cast : Korkmaz Arslan, Golshifteh Farahani, Suat Usta

Production year: 2013

Origin: Iraq

Language: Kurdish

Genre: Action & Adventure, Drama, Foreign



Available in: Czech, Finland, Italy, Norway, Slovakia, Spain

Baran, a Kurdish independence war hero, is now sheriff in Erbil, the capital city. No longer feeling useful in this society now at peace, he thinks about quitting the police force, but instead agrees to be stationed in a small valley, at the very borders of Iran, Turkey, and Iraq. It is a lawless territory, right at the heart of illegal drug, medication and alcohol trafficking, where he’ll meet Govend, the village school teacher and an unmarried woman.
  • A “dramedy” well scripted about a being a marginal in a place at marge in the world.
  • A pittoresque picture for those who are interested in the Middle East way of life.
  • Actress Golshifteh Farahani : she’s beautiful, smart, funny and a defender of the woman rights in the Muslim world.
  • Official selection at the International Cannes Film Festival in Un certain Regard section.
  • Also selected in numerous festival like Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Cabourg Romantic Film Festival and Chicago International Film Festival.
  • “The quirky absurdism of Hiner Saleem’s “Vodka Lemon” is back on display in “My Sweet Pepper Land,” a Western-inspired tale of justice and honor that also marks the helmer’s return to Kurdistan.” – VARIETY

Berberian Sound Studio

Berberian BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO Original title : Berberian Sound Studio Director : Peter Strickland

Cast : Toby Jones, Cosimo Fusco, Antonio Mancino

Production year: 2012

Origin: United Kingdom

Language: English

Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller



Available in: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland

A sound engineer’s work for an Italian horror studio becomes a terrifying case of life imitating art.
  • A beautiful, yet hardly understandable, movie about paranoia, lust and other weird sentiments.
  • A sensorial trip in the world of sound effects. A blessing for the cinema students !
  • Director Peter Strickland did numerous clip for Björk and is considered by The Guardian as “a key British Filmmaker of his generation”. He then released The DUKE OF BURGUNDY.
  • Selected and awarded in numerous festival such as Gerardmer, Locarno, Sitges and Fantasporto.
  • “A delicately detailed immersion into the world of Z-grade Italian horror cinema that ultimately may or may not be a horror film itself, Peter Strickland’s « Berberian Sound Studio » is a tense, teasing triumph.” -VARIETY

Much Loved

Much loved MUCH LOVED Original title : Much Loved Director : Nabil Ayouch

Cast : Loubna Abidar, Asmaa Lazrak, Halima Karaouane

Production year: 2015

Origin: Morocco

Language: Arabic

Genre: Drama



Available in: Denmark, Finland, Sweden.

A group of women in Morocco make a living as prostitutes in a culture that is very unforgiving toward women in that profession.
  • Critically and publicly acclaimed at the director’s fortnight in 2015.
  • A blunt and thruthfull picture of prostitution in a Muslim country like Morocco.
  • Controversial movie in Morocco: the actress Loubna Abidar was assaulted and forced to flee in France.
  • Nabil Ayouch is a multi-awarded director.
  • “The production has a considerably more sensual quality than Ayouch’s recent work, and lensing by Virginie Surdej plays up the whole concept of the male gaze as these women shake their thing(s). Editing is solid, and music is well interpolated.” -VARIETY

Me, Myself and Mum

Me myself and mum ME, MYSELF AND MUM Original title : Les Garsçons et Guillaume, à table ! Director : Guillaume Gallienne

Cast : Guillaume Gallienne, André Marcon, Françoise Fabian

Production year: 2013

Origin: France

Language: French

Genre: Comedy, Drama



Available in: Czech, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden

Mrs. Gallienne, a rather temperamental upper middle-class lady, has three children, two of whom she considers as her sons and another she calls Guillaume. Logically indeed, the latter does not picture himself as a boy, rather as a girl or at best as a homosexual. But how can a mother act in such an objectionable way? And why? Through a series of painful experiences, Guillaume will discover who he actually is.
  • Opens the Director’s fortnight in 2013. Public and critic success.
  • A coming of age story funny and heartbreaking. A popular cocktail !
  • A gay friendly tale that could talk to everyone as it tells the story of every teen in the world : Guillaume is trying to know himself better sexually.
  • 5 Cesars (French Academy Awards) including Best Picture, Best First Pictures, Best Adaptation and Best performances
  • Outstanding performance by Guillaume Gallienne : he plays himself and his mother.
  • “It’s all cleverly constructed to misdirect expectations, allowing Gallienne to blindside us with the surprising way the story turned out, while paying tribute to the idea of mothers everywhere. “ – VARIETY.