Walk This Way

Walk This Way (WTW) is a Creative Europe / MEDIA supported project responding to action 2 of the call on Online Distribution: “ Eligible activities are those consisting in assembling and delivering digital packages of European audiovisual works. It aims at improving their availability and visibility in particular on VOD services provided in countries where those works are not available on any distribution platform. ”

The action is structured in 3 parts:

1/ Aggregate a diversified slate of films and assemble attractive packages in terms of countries/languages and relevant editorial lines.
2/ Present this offer, technically prepared (including the production of numerous subtitles), to the leading Pan-European platforms such as iTunes, Amazon and Google Play, as well as local platforms such as Sky UK or Filmin to maximize exposure, coverage, availability and reach to European audiences.
3/ Develop and coordinate digital marketing and promotion campaigns to generate sales, both on a territory-by-territory basis and on a transversal level.

The WtW action is a collaborative, concrete, and transparent answer for European right holders to benefit from digital distribution. It allows for ongoing experimentations and develops sustainable innovative business models to support the EU film industry’s competitiveness.

Since the first WtW edition in 2015, and after having released more than 111 films in over 15 different collections, a progressive shift from European professionals towards international VoD distribution as a credible business model can be observed. The increase in royalties and improving VoD market trends, both in terms of sales and visibility, support the credibility of the model’s growth. However, in a longterm perspective, the challenge remains to firmly establish this new distribution channel to promote and distribute European films while continuing to learn and develop a new expertise for markets where traditional channels (theatrical, physical video, etc.) are weakening or declining.

Even though digital distribution represents a great opportunity for European films to increase their international visibility, a large majority of these films are not properly exploited on VoD platforms across Europe. In this perspective, WtW improves the presence of European films on the main platforms in the EU, and helps these films broaden their audience.

The editorial approach consists on shaping a film list into a VOD line-­‐Up. We believe that the editorial profile is a key element to determine the global approach. It allows structuring the operational work and is a foundation for the marketing and promotional strategy.

The editorial line is built up along two axes:

Premium films

Based on prominent cast, and/or high production budget, specific genre, etc. Premium films are movies that have intrinsic qualities to harness a noteworthy commercial potential allowing for their stand-alone exploitation mode. Premium films are also essential to catch the attention and sensitize the most commercial platforms and especially the mainstream local platforms.

Film Collections

The Collections are curated according to genre, nationality and/or common themes. A collection gathers about 3 to 6 movies to be distributed at the same time. We identify a film or two that act as locomotives of the others and that help the visibility of the entire set of films.