Walk this Way : A unique transversal VOD offer

Walk This Way (WTW) is a Creative Europe / MEDIA supported project whose core objective is to broaden the exploitation of European films on new markets through cross-border Video on Demand (VoD) distribution. The action consists in the aggregation and straight-to-VOD distribution of a diversified film catalogue on the most prominent VOD platforms in Europe, Japan, United States, Canada and Latin America.

The WTW consortium combines the experience of Under The Milky Way, an international leader in digital distribution and marketing, The Film Agency in coordinating European PR efforts, and Europa International, the main professional association of Sales Agents in Europe. An on-going and regular relationship with platforms is essential to achieve appropriate trade marketing for films.

In fact, international Direct-to-VoD models also require Direct-to-Consumer marketing strategies, which allow the development of active viewership as opposed to passive consumption. As a result, WtW is at the forefront of experimentations to define and implement product marketing strategies, which serve to complement promotional actions carried out by VoD platforms.

This year, Walk This Way’s international VoD offer counts 45 best quality movies distributed in 7 Collections released through the year.