Preparatory Action on Subtitling


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New Perspectives for Subtitling in Europe / Report on the first year of the Preparatory Action on Subtitling 

Unlike music or visual arts, film and other audio-visual works need to be subtitled or dubbed to travel and be seen in other countries. Because this represents an investment, the European Commission co-funds language versions through many of its schemes (e.g. distribution, online promotion of European works, etc.) and pursues an agenda of measures designed to stimulate innovation and make both funding as well as the use of subtitles and dubbing more efficient. The objective is to improve not only the circulation of European films across borders, but also their availability on all platforms of distribution.

This report, coordinated by IPEDA,  presents some recent experiments with innovative solutions both for subtitles and for the exposure of European films on VOD services available in the European Union. Following the European Commission’s selection process, these projects were implemented within the framework of an initiative by the European Parliament, and presented during the Cannes Film Festival, on May 23d 2017 ( programme of the conference here + doc word )

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