New Models experimentation

Walk This Way

Action  2017

Walk This Way (WTW) is a Creative Europe / MEDIA supported project responding to action 2 of the call on Online Distribution: “Eligible activities are those consisting in assembling and delivering digital packages of European audiovisual works foreseen for online releases in countries where those works are not available on any distribution platform. It aims at improving their availability and visibility on VOD services provided in European and non-­‐European countries”.

WTW aggregates and promotes films for straight-­‐to-­‐VOD distribution in the European Union and since 2017 also in Japan, North and Latin America. In the past edition, 44 films were released in      about 19 territories and in 17 languages. 233 subtitles tracks were made and all in all, it WTW 2016 counted  a  total of 342 releases.

Next to Autlook Film sales, Celluloïd Dreams, Pathé International, Memento Films International, new sales agents came on board for this third WTW edition: Altitude Films, Cercamon World sales, Coccinelle Film Placement, Doc&Film International, Elle Driver, Le Pacte, Outplay, Picture Tree International, Stray Dogs, TF1 Studio and What The Film.

For this third edition, Walk This Way will distribute 26 movies in more than 47 territories, which will require the creation of 180 subtitles. Each film will be available in an average of 8 territories on referenced global platforms (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Sony) as well as leading local platforms such as Tf1, Universciné, Filmin or Flimmit.

The editorial approach consists on shaping a film list into a VOD line-­‐Up. We believe that the editorial profile is a key element to determine the global approach. It allows structuring the operational work      and is a foundation for the marketing and promotional strategy.

The TIDE Experiment

The TIDE Experiment exists since 2012 and consists in the strategic coordination of multi-territorial releases of films on Day-and-Date (simultaneous or quasi simultaneous VoD and theatrical releases) and, as of 2015, on Festival-to-Date (simultaneous or quasi simultaneous VoD and festival releases) with an articulated and transversal distribution and marketing strategy.

The TIDE Experiment’s main objective is to contribute to the circulation and promotion of European films in the current context of transition is distribution models.TIDE’s added value compared to the situation of the current running of audiovisual markets relies in the implementation of the following solutions to some of the current problems of film distribution in Europe.

The TIDE Experiment is geared in a fluid collaborative process involving several European companies in a multi-territory approach. This methodology was successfully tested during four years and continuously improved throughout the years.