Walk This Way: Shaping a digital distribution of European films across Europe

Walk This Way aggregates and promotes films for straight-to-VOD distribution in the European Union. The partners and sales agents are proud to announce a second year of continued support after the successful implementation of the initiative during the first year, which saw some 280 multi-territorial releases involving the creation of 180 subtitles.
The Action is led by a team of three complementary partners: Under The Milky Way, who are behind the aggregation process, Europa International, managing relations with Sales Agents, and The Film Agency, in charge of coordinating digital marketing strategy.
New key sales agents such as Beta Cinema, Celluloid Dreams, New Europe Film Sales, Protagonist Pictures and The Match Factory have joined the partners already on board from the previous edition: Autlook Film Sales, Gaumont, Pathé, Films Boutique, Films Distribution, Memento Film International and The Yellow Affair.
For this second edition, Walk This Way will distribute 50 movies in more than 15 territories, which will require the creation of 400 subtitles. Each film will be available in an average of 8 territories on referenced global platforms (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Sony, XboX) as well as leading local platforms like Tf1, Universciné, Filmin or Flimit.

The action is structured in three parts:

  • Aggregate a diversified slate of films from sales agents and curate attractive packages in terms of relevant editorial lines as well as combinations of territorial availability, according to the technical specifications required by multilingual VoD exploitation.
  • Distribute this offer to the most important pan-European platforms and also to a maximum of interested local platforms to maximize exposure, coverage, and availability of content for potential audiences.
  • Develop and implement customized marketing actions and promotion tools to support digital sales, both on a territory-by-territory basis and on a transversal level.

Through the support of the Creative Europe Program, WTW aims to fully benefit from the opportunities set forth by digital distribution to promote openness, collaboration and improve the circulation of the European films in the single market.